Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Its been a very long time. Its been 5 years I have not peeped into my blog .  And life has changed so much making me a wife, a mother, a speech pathologist, a PhD scholar and a responsible citizen. And my old blog entries give a nice feeling, like a cool breeze which takes me to the days when I was nothing and was just responsible for myself. Now that running the life's race many times I am not able to sit and think about where I am heading to or if I am the same self. Mentally I feel a bit more matured in my thoughts and perception about life. Yes I want to be back to those uncertainties existed which made me fantasize about life.  Its more of realities now

Thursday, August 6, 2009


After a long(2mth) break m back to my work and blogging.Not tat i had no work these two moths.But tat time i was working for myself which is not at all interesting to me.Back posted in speech therapy.First day of my posting itself got brightened by a sweet little pie.A one year old hearing impaired child.He is such a sweet kid tat i didnt felt like leaving him after the session.He started staring at me initially entering the session.The multicoloured toys n my therapy kit changed his attitude towards me and finally at the end of session by drawing a small star in his small hand with a red colour pen made us friends( for ever..).Hearing impaired of one year who has just started therapy for us is always a child wit jargons.But he says words in such a sweet way tat i forget to reinforce him.Mother has a complain tat he calls papa clearly but not mama:).After playing with him for long while to my wonder i asked mother whether she started traing him early or he has less loss.

But no wonder only a trained mother can give such gud training at this young age.Since 3yrs she is in this place with her elder son who is profoundly hearing impaired.After training they went back and took his admission in normal school there.she then conceived her second child.But her fate brought her back to Mysore leaving behind everything which she left behind for her first child.
But i couldn't find a sorrow of these in her because she has fully accepted the facts about her kids and is happy whatever they have and finding happiness in whatever she is doing for them ,not blaming her fate or any one else....

Because she is a mother.....................

Sunday, July 5, 2009

shadow of dreams

anyway m cute..........
mera number kab ayega.................
there is always a child inside
There is only the shadow....

Friday, June 26, 2009

My life

"what life want me to do
what does it expect from me
I tried to love her to fullest
But she doesn't seek love from me
I asked her what she wants
one name murmured to my ear
It was ur name my dear
but i am helpless forever
as u are far than near.
My life need you forever
but you are someones forever".

Sunday, June 21, 2009

love v/s exam

Love:lot of thoughts in mind and no guts to express it.

Exam:lot of guts to express,but no thoughts/ideas in mind.

(exam time,ll be back soon)

Friday, June 19, 2009


by Rich A Dyson

"As I lay here,thinking of you.

All my thoughts,Gray and Blue.

I wish I could see you,I wish I could.

Then maybe my lifecould be understood.

But, still I’m down and Thinking Of You.
Hoping you love me,like I love you. "

"Love is not about finding the right person, but making a right relationship. It's not about how much you love each other in the beginning but how much love you have built in the end.What is meant to be will always find its way."

Monday, June 8, 2009

ARE U A MALINGERER????????????

"Malingering" a term that striked me in my degree classes itself.India govt has increased the pension for disabled/challenged(latest term)from 400/mth to 1000/mth.Is it really a big amount.should a person malinger to get 1000rs/mth.but the new statistics of people coming to our clinics for disability certificate really shows its a big amount.
I have developed a police eye specially to catch the so called malingerers .

"kivi kelstayila madam"(cannot hear)

My special eye becomes active .Most of the time they are adults.Our usual strategy is clapping from a side of person without his knowldge n he will respond which we are trained to observe and record.
what happens is many time innocent people also becomes our targets.once a woman came .she was told by her parents not to utter a word n she was doing so although involuntarily she committed certain mistakes.I took her to the supervisor with the findings that she s malingering.I made her parents stand outside and when made her talk she could talk nicely.I was happy with my findings.But then i realised she doesnt have that basic intelligence to malinger when her parents were out of room.
Another day one lady of about 3oyrs with her father came.I asked her to name a pen showing it.she said
"nanage gottilla"(i dont know)
she was answering in full sentences but wont name things in the fear of losing certificate

But today something else happened ,I was cheated by a 8yr old.He was not responding to me and his behaviors were so natural that i didnt have any suspicion.I concluded that he is disabled ,probably eligible for certificate.When i was about to leave i heard some boy screaming and talking to his mother clearly.I couldnt believe it was he who was pretending before me for almost an hour.
but my police eye......
Children are more intelligent and he was well trained...seeing me he shut his mouth as if nothing has happened.....
He was a perfect malingerer
still why they are taking this risk:may be Iooo rs can solve their problem
may be******